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Paper Submission Instructions

Accepting late-breaking short abstract submissions!

As announced in our July edition of the WC2015 newsletter (click here to read), we are still accepting late-breaking submissions of short abstracts that can be presented in form of a poster at the Congress!

Two types of submissions are acceptable: full-length papers and abstract-only submissions. Accepted contributions of both types can be presented at the Congress either orally or as a poster, based on the preference indicated during the submission procedure (see the instructions below).

  • Full length papers: Authors are invited to prepare their contributions according to the guidelines for the IFMBE Proceedings Series format. Manuscripts, including an abstract, no longer than 300 words should be four pages long and should be submitted electronically in their final (camera-ready) form before the full-length paper submission deadline (March 31, 2015). Submissions must include the title of the paper, each author's name and affiliation, the suggested topics in which the paper falls, and the IFMBE copyright transfer form (to be emailed by June 1, 2015).
  • Abstract-only submissions: submission procedure is exactly the same as for full length papers, except that the files you submit contain no further text after the abstract and keywords. In this case sending the IFMBE copyright release form is not required. The deadline for abstract-only submissions (April 15, 2015) is later than the deadline for full paper submissions.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed under the supervision of International Program Committee. They will be judged with respect to their quality, originality, and relevance.

Note that only accepted full-length papers will be published in the Proceedings as the next volume in the IFMBE Proceedings Series. IFMBE Proceedings is a book series, owned by the IFMBE (International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering) and published by Springer. This book series publishes the proceedings of IFMBE and IFMBE-endorsed conferences. The books are published as printed versions as well as electronic books on CD/DVD and Springer content platform Every paper will receive a DOI and will be fully citable and recognized by several indexing services. IFMBE Proceedings are indexed by ISI Proceedings (Thomson Reuters), Scopus, Scimago, Google scholar.

Abstracts from accepted full-length papers and abstract-only submissions will be published together in a separate publication by the Organizers (The Abstracts Book) which will be available at the Congress.

Each full-length paper or abstract-only submission accepted for presentation and included in the Program is expected to have (at least) one author registered at the appropriate fee rate who will attend and present the paper or abstract at the Congress. The corresponding author (the author who submits the paper or abstract) is responsible for communication with the Congress Organizers and with the co-authors.

IMPORTANT note for authors of full-length papers: Each accepted full-length paper must have the IFMBE Copyright Transfer Form emailed to the Organizers and one author registered at the appropriate congress fee rate before the deadline for submission of the revised version of full-length papers (June 1, 2015) in order to have the paper published in the Proceedings!

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Instructions for preparing your paper/abstract

All full-length papers (4 pages) must be formatted strictly following the IFMBE Proceedings Series guidelines. Detailed formatting instructions are available for download as the The IFMBE template file for MS Word. Note also that authors of full-length papers must comply with Springer’s ethical policies and include statements in their manuscripts declaring whether there are any conflicts of interest with their paper. See the IFMBE template file for instructions how to formulate these statements. Papers cannot be published until these statements are explicitly provided.

For abstract-only submissions the formatting is not critical, but we suggest that the same format is used as for full-length papers (with no further text after the Abstract and Keywords).

Please note that for both types of submissions PDF and MS Word (DOC or DOCX) files containing the submitted work must be provided in order to complete the submission procedure which is described in detail below.

How to submit your work using EasyChair

EasyChair Conference System will be used to handle the submission process, the reviewing process, and preparation of the Congress Proceedings. The Congress web site on EasyChair that you should bookmark as the entry point for further use is:

The procedure of submission (either full-length paper or abstract-only – the steps are the same) is straight-forward and help is also available from the EasyChair system itself. But these step-by-step instructions are intended to guide you through all stages of paper submission.

If you have used EasyChair system before for some other conference you already have an EasyChair account and do not need to create a new one. In this case proceed directly to section B below (New submission). Section A is intended only for first-time users who do not have an EasyChair account.

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A. First-time users of EasyChair

A1. Follow the link to 1st WC EP web page on EasyChair:

A2. The log in screen will be displayed but before you can log in you need to create an account. Click on the Create an Account link.

A3. Enter the Captcha text and click on Continue.

A4. Enter the requested data (all fields are required) and click on Continue.

A5. You will shortly receive a confirmation email from EasyChair. Follow the link provided in this email to complete your registration.

A6. Last step: Complete the creation of your account by providing additional information (including your username and password). Click on Create my account. Note that you can modify most of your data later after you log in.

A7. Your EasyChair account is now created and you can proceed to section B, New (paper) submission.

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B. New submission (Full-length paper or abstract-only)

The procedure is the same for both types of submission. The difference is only in the length and content of the files you will need to prepare and submit (4 pages including the abstract formatted according to the IFMBE instructions for full-length papers or only the abstract).

B1. Follow the link to 1st-WC-EP 2015 web page on EasyChair:

B2. Log in using your username and password. The root homepage of the Congress on EasyChair will be displayed containing some basic information about the Congress.

B3. Click on New Submission. If this is your very first log-in, the Terms of Service page will appear first. In this case check the I agree… box and click Continue. Then click on New Submission again.

B4. Now you have finally arrived at the submission page. Start with filling out the forms to provide the information about the authors. If your co-authors have been associated with you before on EasyChair you should click on Click Here to Add an Associate to search for them as opposed to entering the information manually.

B5. Enter the title, the abstract and the keywords. Note that only plain text can be used. The abstract should not exceed 300 words in length. For abstract-only submissions: note that even though your submission is of the abstract-only type, you will still need to upload your contribution also as PDF and MS Word files.

B6. Select one or more topics from the list that most closely match your submission. If you already know that you are going to participate in one of the special sessions, don't forget to tick the corresponding one (in addition to other topics that may also apply). The list of topics suggested here is a tentative one and the final decision about the actual scientific sessions will be made by the International Program Committee.

B7. Enter additional information about your submission: indicate the type of your submission and your preferred form of presentation (final decision will be made by the International Programme Committee). If you are eligible, you may also enter the Young Investigator Competition (the eligibility and other details about the Young Investigator Competition — see here).

B8. Upload your full submission file in PDF format (derived from the source MS Word file) and in MS Word format (DOC or DOCX) as an attachment. Note that both files are mandatory as they will be used for reviewing purposes and for compilation of the Proceedings (in case of ful-length papers) and for the Abstract Book.

B9. When you are finished, click Submit to save all the information in the EasyChair system.

B10. Once you have submitted your paper you will be taken to the information page for your submission where you can update information about your paper or resubmit its updated version.