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Instructions for presenters and chairs

Oral presentations

Important general information for oral presentations

We will be using a central, on-line document repository, accessible via this site for presentation management (see instructions below). You can upload your presentation slides (PowerPoint or PDF format), as well as any supporting materials (e.g. videos) you wish to have at your disposal at the time of your presentation.

We strongly encourage authors to upload their presentations before the Congress, using the system described below. If you need to re-access the system to change/update your presentation, you can do so at any moment, but please do not replace files during the last two hours before your session is scheduled to begin, especially if your presentation contains large (e.g. video) files that take a long time to transfer via internet.

Alternatively, you can bring the presentation files on a USB device, or download them from the internet on-site. This is not the preferred method, but should you use it, please allow enough time for your presentation download and subsequent upload. Technical assistance will be provided on-site to help you with the download/upload. PowerPoint (Office 10 and older versions) on Windows 8.1 operating system will be used for presentations. Mac computer users can use their own computers for presentation, but they must also provide their own VGA adapter, or alternatively export their presentation to Microsoft Office PowerPoint format.

According to the established policy of the COST Action TD1104, presentations will be made available to COST members via the Action's private repository website, pending your approval. To avoid copyright issues, you are asked to give your consent to have your presentation made available to Action members in the repository. You can communicate your decision concerning this matter to us via the upload system (read instructions in Step 5 below). Should you choose to withhold the consent, your presentation files will be deleted after the presentation.

The projected screen will be in a 4:3 format. Please prepare your slides accordingly!

Wi-Fi and computers with wire internet access will be available at the venue.

Before the start of the session, the presenters should preview their presentation in the Preview room (Pharos), and contact the session Chair to confirm their presence. The previewing can be taken care of well in advance of your session, as soon as you have uploaded your presentation via the upload system. The session Chairs will be present in the lecture rooms 10 minutes before the session is scheduled.

All presenters are asked to respect the time limits when giving their talks. These guidelines should be followed:

  • 15 minutes time slots — regular oral presentations and some keynote lectures: 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussion;
  • 20 minutes time slots — some plenary lectures: 16 minutes for presentation and 4 minutes for discussion;
  • 30 minutes time slots — some keynotes and plenary lectures: 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Presentation upload system — short instructions

All corresponding authors on papers selected for oral presentation, as well as keynote and plenary lecturers have received an email with instructions and a hyperlink for the upload interface on August 21. If you you have not received this email, please contact the website administrator at to have the email resent to you. Alternatively, if you are the presenting but not the corresponding author of your paper, ask the corresponding author to forward the email to you.

Step 1

In the email you received from the WC2015 system, you will find a hyperlink as shown in the image below
Note that the 32-character alpha-numeric string as seen in the URL above is personalised and yours will differ from the one shown in the image above.

Step 2

Following the link will lead you to another page on this website. Information concerning your presentation will be displayed at the top (your paper title, the type of your presentation, the session in which you will be presenting and the time of presentation). Please check this information first and in case of an error please contact the website administrator at .

Step 3

If the information displayed is in order, continue and fill in the upload form. Click the "Choose file" button, and after selecting your presentation file that is to be uploaded, clicking the "Upload file" button will commence the file upload. Repeat this procedure for all files needed for this presentation. Note that the maximum size for any single file uploaded is 256 MB, and that uploading large files can take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection speed.

Step 4

After the file has been successfully uploaded, the page will refresh and you will be able to examine the uploaded file in the file list below the file upload form. You can preview the file on-line (works for PowerPoint, PDF, and many other types of files), download the file to verify its integrity (to check if it has been uploaded in its entirety), or delete it in case you wish to replace it with a newer version.

Note that the file previewer embedded into the site is provided by Google, and cannot be relied upon 100% for the appearance of your presentation. Use it as a rough guide only. If slides appear incomplete or video in the previewer doesn't work, this is completely normal.
You can upload as many files as you wish, however, please note that all files should be related exclusively to the paper specified at the top of the page. DO NOT upload the files belonging to your other presentations (if you have more than one) here. If you have several oral presentations at the Congress, you should have received a separate email containing a unique hyperlink to access the upload interface for each of your presentations.

Step 5

Finally, please review the statement of consent to the limited (re)distribution of your presentation in PDF form in the COST TD1104 Action members' private area. If you opt not to give your consent, please untick the checkbox in front of the statement.

Step 6

Congratulations, you are done! You can safely exit the upload interface by clicking "close session" in the left-hand menu.

Instructions for Chairs of oral sessions

As a Chair person you are kindly asked to follow these instructions to ensure smooth progression of your session. We will of course help you with your job by providing technical assistance in every lecture hall, but the prime responsibility is yours.

In your capacity of a Chair person, please note the following:

  1. Please be present in the lecture room at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled start of your session, so that the presenters can inform you about their presence (they are required to do so – see here).
  2. You also need to check (within the system with the help of technical assistant) who already has his/her presentation uploaded and who might need to use his/her personal computer.
  3. Please adhere to the planned schedule for your session. Do not let presenters extend their presentations beyond the time allocated for their presentations (including lecture and questions). It is best to remind the presenters discretely (if needed) that they are running out of time one minute or so before the scheduled end of their lecture (see the recommended durations of lectures).
  4. If needed, limit the number of questions asked after the lecture by inviting everyone to continue the discussion after the session.
  5. If for any reason one of the presenters is absent, please interrupt the session and only continue with the next presentation after 15 minutes, i.e. at the scheduled time of the next presentation. This is of paramount importance because sessions are running in parallel and some attendees may have planned to attend lectures/presentations in different tracks/halls.

Thank you!

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Poster presentations

All posters will be on display for the entire duration of the Congress. Poster boards will be marked according to track, session, and poster number. Posters have to be mounted according to this labelling. Mounting of posters will be possible from 14:00 to 19:00 on Sunday afternoon. There will be help on Sunday afternoon and material ready for mounting.

Presenters with posters will be asked to present their work (i.e. be present at their posters and available for discussion) on Monday and Wednesday for even-numbered posters, and on Tuesday and Thursday for odd-numbered posters. Poster presentations are scheduled to concur with the morning Poster sessions. Although each poster is listed in the programme within specific session, poster viewing and discussions will be ongoing according to odd/even schedule as described above (Monday and Wednesday — even-numbered posters; Tuesday and Thursday — odd-numbered posters), so the presenting authors are requested to be available for discussions in front of their posters during Poster sessions (Mon – Thu 10:00 to 11:20).

The poster display panels that will be available for poster presentations at the Congress measure 1000 × 2000 mm, width by height (see image below), however not all of this area is available for your poster(s). The maximum size, as well as the recommended size/format are therefore given below. Please consider using the recommended format, although you are free to choose any size up to the maximum size. But in any case your poster must adhere to portrait orientation.

portrait_yes landscape_no
prescribed poster orientation

Recommended format

Size: 841 × 1189 mm, width × height (A0 according to ISO 216)
Orientation: Portrait

Maximum dimensions format

Size: 900 × 1700 mm, width × height (custom)
Orientation: Portrait

poster display panels

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