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Bioelectrics 2015 - The 12th International Bioelectrics Symposium

Symposium Homepage

Welcome to the homepage of the 12th International Bioelectrics Symposium (BIOELECTRICS 2015), which will be held in Portorož, Slovenia, from September 6th to 10th, 2015.

This time the symposium will be held in conjunction with the 1st World Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields in Biology, Medicine and Food & Environmental Technologies (homepage). This decision was made in order to foster collaboration with other research groups that also explore the basic and applied effects of pulsed electric fields.

We encourage all members to actively participate in preparation of this joint venture between the International Bioelectrics Consortium and the organizers of the 1st World Congress.

The International Bioelectrics Consortium was established more than 10 years ago by founding members: Old Dominion University, USA; Kumamoto University, Japan; and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Now additional 12 members have joined the Consortium, from US and Europe.

The aim of the International Bioelectrics Consortium is to serve as a platform for open exchange of information and cutting-edge discussions within consortium’s and collaborating institutions in the field of Bioelectrics.

Before the 1st World Congress, on the 6th September, we will have a separate meeting devoted to participating members of 12th Bioelectrics Symposium, for presentation on activities and new developments at each of the Centres and information regarding pursuit of research goals. This will also facilitate discussion to foster collaboration between the International Bioelectrics Consortium members.

The Bioelectrics Symposium 2015 will be chaired by Gregor Serša from the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

For more information on the International Bioelectrics Consortium, visit its homepage.

IMPORTANT! Registration and presentation submission will be handled via the WC2015 systems available here and here, respectively.

Deadlines for full-length paper and abstract-only submissions are March 31st and April 15th, respectively. Click here to see other important dates.