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BFE2015 - The International Bio & Food Electrotechnologies Symposium

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After the success of the first edition of the “International Conference Bio & Food Electrotechnologies” (BFE2009), which was held in Compiègne (France) in October 2009, and of the second edition of the conference, which was held in Salerno in September 2012, it is our great pleasure to announce the forthcoming third edition of the conference, BFE2015, which will be organized as a joint event of 1st World Congress on Electroporation.

The main objective of BFE2015 will be to highlight the most relevant areas of research and development in the field of novel and emerging technologies for the electric treatments of biological systems, and fostering the discussion of the most updated research results on the utilization of electrotechnologies and other novel treatments in different food processing operations.

In continuation with the first and second edition, the topics of the conference will be:

  • Fundamental principles, and Electro-physical properties of Bio & Food Materials (including basic mechanisms and effects of electric fields in food tissues, electro-physical properties characterization techniques, and mathematical modelling)
  • Electric field and other innovative treatments in Bio & Food processing (pulsed electric field, ohmic heating, moderate electric field processing, arc discharge, electro-filtration, electro-dewatering, pulsed light, microwaves, plasma and combined treatments)
  • Applications of electro-technologies (including testing and validation, development of electric field generators and treatment chambers, pilot and industrial scale realizations).

The International Conference Bio & Food Electrotechnologies (BFE2015) will be organized in four-days sessions and poster sessions designed to promote the exchange of ideas between industry and academia, stay current with the advancement of knowledge on the emerging technologies for the treatments of biological systems and identify new research directions that are relevant to the industry.


The Organizing Committee
Giovanna Ferrari
Javier Raso
Eugène Vorobiev


IMPORTANT! Registration and presentation submission will be handled via the WC2015 systems available here and here, respectively.

Deadlines for full-length paper and abstract-only submissions are March 31st and April 15th, respectively. Click here to see other important dates.